On 9th April 2013 VOF conducted one day Pro-life training in Shankhuwa-sava one of the mountainous districts in East Nepal. More than 50 participants were participated in the training. According to the Shankhuwa-sava times (an online news) the abortion industry is alive in Shankhuwa-sava. Non-listed service providers are active in that job. So, VOF had aim to invite the participants from in and outside the churches. Consequently, VOF received the participant from other communities as well. They shared their wonderful experience and feedbacks after the training. One of the ladies shared that the kind of program should be conducted in an open place where all people can have awareness. We had some mother participants too came from long distance by walking and carrying their baby in bamboo basket. We amazed looking their active participation and interest in teaching. Some college students were also there, who made notable questions to resource person, which he had not expected from them. After the training one pastor came and offered notable amount of donation to VOF and said that he will pray for VOF and the ministry. What a kind heart!

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