VOFnews: 25 Feb. 2016 Compassion House: VOF welcomed a new born baby boy given birth by a girl who herself is parent less. Several time, She thought of doing abortion but didn’t. According to her, she came to Kathmandu from her village after the massive the earthquake in search of job and shelter. At that time, a mature & married man abused her and didn’t want to take care of her and the baby. With the help of some good people she came to our contact and left her baby to our center. Thank God, at least she gave life to her baby . The baby has been adopted by a couple who have been struggling with infertility for several years. Now they are very happy and blessed.
25 March, 2016 Kathmandu: VOF had rescued an unwed lady in crisis pregnancy who was defrauded by her boy friend. She admitted that she tried to abort her baby several time but didn’t success. VOF provided all kinds of help to the lady. Finally she chose to give birth to the baby and also dared to raise her baby by herself being as a single mother. Today, she is very happy and loving to her baby.

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