Voice for the Voiceless- 2014-2015

VOF Nepal has been conducting ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ (VFV) training at different districts of Nepal in co-ordination with 10/40 Connections. VOF Nepal was able to reach 801 participants through the VFV training in the year 2014-2015. The participants included Christian and Non-Christian women coming from different social backgrounds. The participants showed great amount of enthusiasm and interest during the time of training. The teachings of the training included presentation of fetal development, teachings on abortion and its effects and on various issues regarding abortion. Other features of VFV training includes teaching on women body, menstruation cycle and on biological factors determining sex of the baby, even though these are basic topics but women and men in Nepal are still unknown about these factors so it is very important to educate Nepalese community in this subject so as to eradicate the practice of gender inequality in Nepal. The participants were able to inspire one another through experience sharing sessions conducted at the end of each training. The women participants shared their experiences and reflected on what they had learned through the training. The learning gained through the training helped in changing women’s perception and attitude towards abortion, it also made them realize the importance of daughters and their importance and role as a woman.

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