My name is Anandi Joy. And I was born twenty years ago, here in Kathmandu.

My parents are missionaries and worked here for 8 years, and have done an amazing job. They really love this country and have a big heart for the people in Nepal. They have 3 children of their own but had such a desire to have another baby as well. They prayed a lot and waited on God for an answer.

There was an unwed lady who was pregnant and was struggling a lot with what to do with the baby. Her family forced her to go for abortion. And sadly she made the choice and she aborted her baby of 7 month gestation. When everything had happened the baby was thrown out on the street with the trash. No chance of living anymore. But a nurse saw it all and picked the baby up, and took her to a small hospital where she worked. Fortunately, she had that anandi 2week the first incubator in town. Two nurses put the premature baby in the incubator and prayed a lot for the baby’s health. They gave the baby girl the name Joy because they wanted the name to be one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. And after the 2 months of intensive care the baby became fine and they started to look for a family who could adopt her.

Amazingly, they called my parents who were so happy to hear that there was a baby girl that they could adopt. They thought this is God who answered their prayers. When they knew it that the baby is a girl they wanted to call her Anandi. So they went to the hospital and fell in love with the baby. When they heard that the baby was named Joy, they looked at each other and convinced that it was absolutely God’s plan and His provision.

So after a long and hard time of fighting and filing the adoption papers the baby became official child of them and the baby was me ‘Anandi Joy. This is my story.

And I’m very thankful to my GOD who saved me that day with amazing way. Today, I can say that we are so valuable and beautiful in His eyes, each one of us. He loves us so much. He is and wants to be our beloved Father.

I wanted to tell you that I’m only standing here because of His unfailing love and power!!

So when I find my biological mother I want to tell her that I forgive her for making that choice of abortion. And that I’m so thankful and so blessed with this life that God has given me, with the family that I have now and all the brothers and sister in Jesus Christ.

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