Christian nurses as life-giver

VOF news: April 23, 2016 Saturday Kathmandu: VOF Nepal was given an opportunity by the Christian Nurses Fellowship (CNF) to address the issue of life among 20+ nurses serving in different hospital and nursing institution in Kathmandu. The session was opened with the short devotion on the Sanctity of Human Life by Mahima Bantawa. After the devotion, the participants were asked by Dr. Samundra Rana to express their thought and opinion on the issue of abortion. Most of the participant expressed their curiosities on situational abortion (in the case of child’s deformity, mother’s life at risk, pregnancy caused by rape and incest and so on). Finally, Soman Rai(Elisha) addressed all those curiosities by emphasizing the message of the devotion that ‘every human life is sacred- uniquely created by God, very precious, worth to be saved -whether they are born or pre-born, formed or deformed, wanted or unwanted’. He also made the participants to discuss on the significant question ‘when does life begin? Is it religious question or scientific question? Consequently, All agreed that Life begins at conception(fertilization) and it is a scientific fact not a religious fact– and same time they also discussed about the Emergency Contraceptive Pills(ECP) (I-Pill, e-con, 72Max, 72-unwanted) -and came to the conclusion that ECP, IUD, Norplant also cause abortion –by disturbing the implantation of Zygote on the wall of Uterus. Soman Rai encouraged the participants and defined them that ‘every medical professional as Life-giver’ –they must speak and stand for life in every situation -he also confirmed it with his own experience and life-giving alternatives. Finally, they were also given some useful Life-giving materials Like Pro-life DVDs, Books like Why Pro-life?, Therefore Choose Life and small sized foetal models and some brochures too.

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