Motherhood- Pro-life education among women

VOF News: May 6, 2016 Friday; The 18 ladies from different parts of Nepal learning skills in Lidia Vocational Training Centre in Kathmandu were informed by VOF Nepal about the sanctity and beauty of human life, the importance of a woman in the creation of a human life (reproduction), proud to be a mother, life in the womb (foetal development), abortion procedures (devaluation of a human life), complications of abortion (Post-abortive syndromes) (PAS), alternatives of abortion (parenting and adoption) and sexual purity\integrity. The presentation found very powerful and effective to impact and change the attitude of the ladies in centre. It has been believed that the presentation has equipped them to speak and stand for life in their communities. They were also given the Life-bags containing of DVD, books and brochures for the use of their work in communities. The Lidia Vocational Training Centre is appreciated for hiring the VOF Nepal for the presentation.

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