Voice for the Voiceless -VFV awareness program

VOF News: May 14 2016, Saturday; VOF Nepal educated 70 local women of Gokarna Kathmandu with the vital and helpful information regarding the importance of a woman in creation (Creation of a human Life), their value and reproductive system, motherliness, life in the womb (fetal development), abortion procedures and its complication (Post-abortive syndromes-PAS) and recovery –with Gospel. There were some women in the program who really struggled to accept their own value and beauty but the program facilitated them to accept who they really are. There were some women in the training who made comment that it is very hard and tough job to be a mother but later they really enjoyed and celebrated motherhood. In fact, the program was creating positive attitude among the women. Consequently, the women became able to be in love with themselves and the life developing in their womb and to hate the inhumane procedures of abortion. One of the women admitted that she felt very sorry about her past wrong decision of abortion. Now, she wants to aware others about it. The BOH- tuition center is appreciated for coordinating the program and the 10\40 Connections for providing financial support and materials.

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