Pro-life presentation in KIU (Jesus College)

VOF News: May 17-18, 2016 Wed-Thursday; VOF Nepal was provided 6 hours by KIU (Jesus College) in Nakhipot for Pro-life presentation. Mr Soman Rai presented teaching on the sanctity of human, life in the womb and worldview in first session and in second session he taught about the abortion types, its complications and life-giving alternatives (Parenting and adoption) with his practical examples. He also addressed about the importance of Sexual Integrity or saving sex. There were 85+ students and staff members responding the teachings with great excitement and same time with tears. Some of the students were also from North India and Myanmar. They all were provided DVDs, books and other related brochures. As a whole, the presentation remained very productive and wonderful feedback were shared from the students and staff member.

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