Pro-life presentation in Believers Church Minor seminary-BCMS

VOF News: May 19, 2016 Thursday; VOF Nepal’s trainer team spent whole day with the first year students of BCMS in Bhaktapur presenting Pro-life information. Mr Soman Rai (Elisha) opened the teaching session with an open discussion and interaction with students regarding their own opinion on abortion, abortion law in Nepal, current abortion status in their community, position of their church on abortion. There appeared two opinions’ group. One group did thumbs up for the situational abortion and another group wanted to thumbs down to any induce abortion and chose to stand for life in any situation. After the discussion, Mr Soman Rai presented teaching on the sanctity of human life- the development of human life by using the ‘Wonderfully and uniquely created’ DVD and other power-points, clips fetal models. And after the lunch he presented teaching on abortion’s procedures, its complications (Physical, emotional, relational, spiritual) with testimonies, Pro-life arguments to the situational and compassionate abortion and life-saving alternatives (Parenting and adoption). He also talked about the importance of Sexual Integrity in church and community. Consequently, the attitude of all the students found changed and all the students wanted to speak and stand for life in every situation. They fully understood that no any situation can justify abortion. Finally, they were prayed for their journey as a life-giver and provided life-bag containing DVD, books and brochures and also Why-Pro-life books, flip charts and some other books for their library.

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