Pro-life Education in Jalupa Secondary School in Baniyatar Kathmandu

VOF News: May 26, 2016 Thursday; Despite of Nepal Banda\strike VOF Nepal’s awareness team went to the Jalupa Secondary School in Baniyatar Kathmandu for Pro-life presentation. With the active coordination of one of the trainees from St. Xavier Collage and the Principal of the school the VOF Nepal’s awareness team became able to conduct two separate classes among the students of class IX and X. Altogether 90+ students were there to attend the classes. The instructor opened the classes with asking the students to express their personal opinion on abortion. Some of the students expressed that there is nothing wrong with doing abortion. Among them there is a girl named Anusha from Class IX strongly stood for abortion. After that the instructor presented about the Life in a mother’s womb- fetal development- from conception to birth and then he also presented about the methods of abortion, its complications and life-saving alternatives to abortion. Finally, he gave serious presentation on sexual integrity as well. At the end of classes, the instructor made the students to express their thoughts again but the attitude of the students was found changed totally. Especially, Anusha admitted that her perception is changed fully and wanted to give credit to VOF Nepal for the presentation.

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