VOF News: On last February 2-5, 2015 CLT on the Sanctity of human life was happened in Kathmandu in which 73 church leaders were participated from different church denominations of Nepal. Since, the participants had found the training quite effective and very urgent to address and apply to their own life, family and church and community they had made a plan in ‘Next steps?’ session. After the CLT there was a need to get feedback, information and to remain updated on how the participants have been utilizing the materials and things learnt from that training VOF organized a CLT-Follow up Meeting\training on June 3, 2016 at Changed Life Fellowship’s hall in Kathmandu.
There were 15 key participants from previous CLT to attend the follow-up training and all those participants were made to share their experiences on CLT’s teaching and materials.

1. Among all the participants Mrs. Susan Kunwar Paudel from Nepali Isai Mandali (Church),Gangabu shared that she was personally very much touched by the training. She further said that even if she wasn’t able to conduct a big seminar she was able to save two lives by using the flip charts and few counseling sessions.
2. Mrs. Ishwori Shrestha another participant from Beth- Shalom Putalisadak Church told that she had discussed about the Sanctity of human life, life in the womb and abortion methods using the clip charts given by LIFE International at her workplace with her co-workers and in the women’s fellowship at her church, in response the tears welled out from the eyes of women presented there and admitted that they never ever had thought about the life in womb and abortion like that before. She said that she also mentioned about the repentance, forgiveness and healing among them.

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