Pro-life education in Green Tara Health and Science College

VOF News: June 8 and 17, 2016 Kathmandu: Voice of Fetus Nepal did two different presentation on Pro-life education in Green Tara College of Health and Science at Bhaisepati Lalitpur, in which 50 students of staff nurse and 45 Health Assistance(HA) students and college principal and a faculty member were participated. An open question related to abortion was asked to the participants before the presentation, in order to be more familiar with their understanding, knowledge and thoughts regarding the topic, through which it was clear that participants shared more or less similar views with VOF. Then a two hours presentation centering on fetal development, abortion methods and it’s physical as well as emotional complications and life saving alternatives was given by VOF’s facilitator.
After the presentation was over, the participants changed their views. Before, they were in favor of situational abortion but, after the presentation, they were for life. Everybody including the college Principal liked the presentation and they were grateful towards VOF for bringing such an educative presentation.

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