August, 20-23, 2016; The 6 members of trainer team headed towards Pokhara in order to conduct a Church Leaders Training (CLT), in which 43 church leaders from five different districts of Western Nepal were participated. Among them some were couples.
The first day of CLT was started with a spirit-filled worship by Mrs. Reena Pathak. After the worship Soman Rai(Elisha) welcomed the participants and gave brief outline of the Journey of a life-giver curriculum. The first session ‘The church leader’s journey’ was kicked off by Ps. Hem Lal Gautam sharing his personal journey as a Life-giver that facilitated the participants to reflect on how God is calling them to respond the issues of human-life. The first session was more or less like building a rapport between participants and the trainer but in second session ‘The Biblical worldview’ Soman Rai was fully able to create an environment of maximum involvement and participation from the participants. The example of colorful sunglasses worked nicely. The Holy Spirit helped the participants to identify the ways in which a Biblical worldview must be applied to see a preborn baby and right after the session Mr. Bhuvan Devkota helped the participants to learn why the human life is valuable. The scriptures reading-discussion-sharing in groups were really marvelous and the BBs (bearings) exercise was really powerful. Some of the participants responded it with tears. The participants were really able to recognize the ways that abortion leads to further devaluation and diminishment of human life and eventually understand the biblical response to abortion.

Even though the weather was super hot and the scorching heat was irresistible for both the participants as well as the trainers the facilitators were able to grab participant’s attention and after the lunch the trainers were able to continue hooking their attention in each session. In both sessions Ps. Hem Lal and Bhuvan were more competent to lead the participants towards spiritual moment through which they were able to plant a life in them. The Participants were excited to make out the ways in which people can be life-givers and the group presentation on the relationship between the six spiritual foundations and the sacredness of human life were really remarkable. Different items were presented. Finally, Bhuvan summarized how the things lead to increased impact in ministry.

Then on the second day Mr. Simon Pathak and Mrs. Reena Pathak (Couple) began the session by teaching the participants about God’s design for marriage and family, in which participants were divided into groups and they were able to do their wonderful job. Consequently, the participants were able to learn the marriage and family relationship with Biblical perspective. After the session, Mr. and Mrs. Pathak facilitated the important session the Biblical sexuality by splitting them in male-female group. According to debrief done after the sessions, in both male and female group participants were quite frank regarding the discussion on Biblical sexuality.
After the lunch time, Mrs. Susan Kunwar Paudel and Soman Rai gave presentation on the Human reproduction -fetal development and abortion procedures to female group and male group respectively. According to debrief, the participants were really able to understand the beginning of a human life- everything about ovulation-fertilization-implantation. Participants were really excited to get new information about the fetal development and they were seemed more excited when they were asked to practice the flip chart –Life in a womb. Soon after the exciting session, the participants were informed about the abortion procedures which changed the facial expression of participants and some of them responded the presentation with tears. Mrs. Reena Pathak helped the female group and Soman Rai facilitated the male group to indentify the complications of abortion in different groups. In both groups, the trainers found wonderful results. So, the participants were led to another important session of repentance, healing and restoration by Soman Rai and also to a ministry time in general. At the ministry time many participants showed the need of prayer by raising their hands and they were prayer for healing and restoration. Some of them came to trainers in person and shared their past bitter experiences of wrong decision of abortion. They were also prayed individually.
On the third day of CLT Soman Rai addressed the questions and confusion of participants and talked about the next steps. And finally, the participants were divided into groups on the basis of their location and asked them to make their plans for the next step. Their plans were really attempt-able, implementable and genuine.
In closing ceremony, the participants were given to share their experiences of CLT –the journey of a life-giver: One leader admitted that he was praying and looking for the teaching and materials for a long time and after receiving the CLT he started to value the CLT and the materials as precious as a diamond and gold. One of the female participant told that she could confirm her calling as a LIFE-GIVER after the training. Many such wonderful comments and feedbacks were given by the participants. Finally, they were prayed and commissioned for life-giving ministries and certified too. All in all, CLT ended with a great blessing.
Report prepared by: Sagarika Rai

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