On last 4th September. 2016 the VOF team facilitated ‘Voice for the voiceless’ training among the 130 local women in Aabu-khairene, Tanahu west Nepal.The training was really an eye opening.
The participants were very fast to perceive and grasp the information given to them. They enjoyed learning about their real identity and value as a woman. With loud voice they admitted that they are beautiful, happy to born as a woman and proud to be a mother. Those noises created a different and unique environment among them. The menstrual cycle and chromosome card was greatly practiced and the reproductive apron really made ease to understand the difference between the fertilization and implantation. And the fetal development information and fetal model presentation were really new for them. They were surprised and same time excited too. And the information on abortion procedures and its complications was really powerful…the sympathetic noises were heard…some of them were crying but at once, they were informed about the hope of forgiveness and healing. So, many of them who had gone through the trauma related to abortion were led to prayer and recovery.
One participant shared her struggle for a life as a doctor had told her to abort her baby because of deformity in the baby but she took stand and gave birth to her baby, now he is normal and complete.
She admitted that the VFV training made her to feel proud of herself and her great decision.

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