The TCL training in Kathmandu

TCL news: November 11, 2016 Kathmandu Nepal: Therefore Choose Life-TCL training has happened among the 55 Pastor and leaders from 16 different churches of Kathmandu. Despite of some technical issues in the beginning the training was started with spirit filled worship. After the worship, Soman Elisha Rai provoked the participants talking about the theology of human life then he presented the first part ‘Wonderfully and uniquely created’ of the DVD presentation produced by the Proclaim Life Global-PLG. After the presentation, the time for making question and discussion was given to the participants. During the Q & A, many of them raised very vital issues regarding a human life. So, the presenter clarified the participant’s confusion and questions. After having small break, again the second part ‘Therefore Choose Life’ of the DVD presentation was presented. That presentation created a very serious environment among the participants many of them were responding the teaching with tears but later they were assured of the forgiveness and restoration from the pain of their heart and mind. During the Q & A time, a Pastor admitted that he was totally and deeply convinced by the teaching. Now, he is going to take and address the issue in his life and church very sincerely. Many of them came and shared their feelings and impression of the training. As a whole, the training remained very productive.

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