After a month of Advance Prayer Initiative-API the Church leaders training- CLT on the sanctity of human life over and done with grand success
The CLT was coordinated by Rueben and his family who himself was one of the participants of the CLT happened in Kathmandu in 2015. With his active coordination, 47 selected key leaders from 7 different districts and from 20+ different churches and denomination were participated in the CLT. Some of them were health worker as well as church leaders too. Most of them were very influential, having of maximum public contact and able to hand over the information to many.
From the opening session to the end of the sessions we found great flow and active work of the Holy Spirit. We heard wonderful feedback from the participants during our tea-break, lunch and dinner time.
One pharmacist admitted that he was struggling with a confusion regarding emergency contraceptive pills-ECP –thinking -is it okay to sell/prescribe or not? Finally, he was able to make a clear thought about it and now he is going to promote life through his pharmacy.
One lady doctor admitted that she felt very sorry when she came to know about the sanctity of human life because several times she went through the situation where she found herself involved in taking a life. She admitted that just two days before coming to the CLT she referred an abortion minded woman to an abortion clinic.
One of the pastor stated that at first he was thinking to send his wife to attend the CLT, but rather he came by himself. After attending the training he shared, ‘Thank God, I almost missed this life -giving training by thinking of sending my wife instead’ and he believes that it was not any kind of situation or obligation that brought him to attend the CLT program but God.
Some pastors said that they were talking and discussing in their room even after the session was over that how they failed to address the urgency of the sanctity o human life to their congregation. They told, now, they are fully equipped and inspired by the CLT to speak and stand for life and have started their journey as a life-giver.
In recovery session, many of the participants repented, got healed and restored.
Finally, the participants made attemptable plan- both small and big, short and long term plan. Some Pastors planned to speak message on the sanctity of human life in very next church service, some wanted to talk with their family members, cottage fellowship members, some planned to do program in regional and district wise. Some leaders decided to put the training in New Year annual plan. As a whole, the CLT ended with great blessing. Thanks a lot for your prayer and support!

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