JOL Training in Myanglung Terathum

JOL training in Myanglung Terathum: After the Advance Prayer Initiative-API the JOL training happened on April 3-6, 2017 in order to equip the leaders of the region regarding the sanctity of human life. With the active coordination of the Christian Society of Terathum, 60 pastor and leaders from 39 different churches of 4 different districts were participated in the training. Incredible responses from each participant we were got to record and wonderful group works and presentation we got to see, which were totally unexpected. The Pastor and leaders were reacting like that they are listening the issues for the first time in their life. Many Pastors and leaders shared their abortion story. One Pastor dared to share that he and his wife aborted their two babies and they had never ever shared their story to anyone. He also admitted that he was struggling in each session but when he got opportunity to attend after abortion and Repentance, forgiveness and healing session God helped him to come in His presence with repentance. Taken together, the training was totally prolific.

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