Oct 29-31, 2017: The 8 members of JOL national team travelled towards Birendranagar and conducted the JOL training among 72 Gospel leaders from 40 different Church and denomination of 9 different districts of Province No 6. Sharable things of the team: There were two pastors and previous JOL participant from Biratnagar East Nepal and Pokhara west Nepal joined in the team as an observer and assistant trainer. Ps. Navin’s role in the team was pastor and Ps. Sanjeep Thapa as an intercessor. Further of these, they shared their experience\story as a Life-giver among the participants and they even took some sessions like ‘the church leader’s journey, how to became a life-giver and repentance, forgiveness and restoration which were really encouraging and blessing to all the participants. In future, they will be joining with JOL National team for more up-coming training. There was another team member named Lasata Maharjan who is a social work student and trainee. Her role in the team was photographer. In fact, she is really a good photographer and she did her best job. But the notable thing was, she had lots of opportunities to learn and experience God’s love and power during the whole training and trip. She was observing and same time following the activities of people thoroughly and closely. She was even crying during ministry and healing session. She is very positive towards Jesus Christ and Christianity. She is very mild to receive Gospel. Let’s hope she will receive Jesus Christ as her personal saviour very soon.
Despite of some technical issues the training was started on right time. The opening of the training was happened with a spirit-filled worship and a warm welcome by the Christian society of Surkhet. After that, Soman Rai (Elisha) welcomed all the participants, gave the preview of training and encouraged them to hear God’s voice. Even though, some of the participants arrived there after a long journey they were able to get into sessions. The first session assured them that the God will be speaking to them about the value of human life. Ps. Navin’s story was really helpful for the participants to understand that they will also have a story for sharing to others after the training. Though the participants were in very big number they were well facilitated to work in group, to discuss and to be more participated\involved. Biblical worldview and Sacredness of human life sessions were really efficient for the participants. There were 42 m ale and 30 female participants. In both groups facilitators were able to facilitate the participants to understand the topics. Maximum new responses from the participants were got to record. They were actually able to understand the God’s heart for human life. Each of them was able to respond God’s voice that what God has told them to do as a Life-giver.

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