November 29, 2017

TCL in Sisaiya, Kanchanpur

November 29, 2017 Wednesday, Sisaiya Kanchanpur: Despite of local election campaign Therefore Choose Life-TCL presentation went blessed among the 43 Pastor, leader and woman and youth […]
November 28, 2017

TCL in Krishnapur Aatariya, Kanchanpur

November 28, 2017 Tuesday, Krishnapur: Despite of the local election campaign 55 Pastor, leaders, woman and youth from 12 different churches attended the TCL presentation happened […]
November 19, 2017

VFV in Koinonia Church

On November 19, 2017 the ‘Voice for the voiceless’ training happened among the 500+ women leaders and lay Christian women from the different branch Churches of […]
November 3, 2017

JOL in Dang

November 1-3, 2017: After the blessed closing of JOL in Birendranagar the team headed towards Ghorahi Dang and it took 6 hours to get there. Though […]