December 4, 2017 Monday, Dailekh: Dailekh is one of the hilly districts of Mid-western Nepal . It is also called the heart of Mid-western Nepal. With the active coordination of Mrs. Pabitra Gurung who is the wife of Ps. Damber Gurung the training was possible. We had met her in one of the trainings in Surkhet. In the training she cried a lot and repented for not being able to avoid her church members from doing abortion. So, we designed the TCL one day training for the Pastor, leader and church members of Dailekh. There were 100+ Pastor, leader, women and youth from several Churches to attend the training. Some of them were come from 5-6 hours of walking distance. The TCL presentation remained really fruitful. Many man and woman repented and got healed.
A woman leader admitted what she and her husband did in past… according to her when they knew that she is pregnant they decided to go to doctor…the doctor suggested to keep the baby but they said no and went to another hospital and did abortion…after that she went through a serious psychological problem… she was also possessed by evil spirit…she used to trembling and curling like a snake… she started hating herself and many time attempted to commit suicide… finally, when they came to know about Jesus Christ she got deliverance… She said but still she used to have that nightmare… but the training helped her to receive her complete inner-healing. When we met her in front of the gate of the church she was different and confident. She offered a heartfelt gratitude to us and said now she is going to tell her story to many people.
There was a man leader who also confessed that he forced her wife to do abortion which brought a big crisis in their relationship. He even admitted in front of his leadership that he kept the sin in secret… that day he dared to share his story and said he is very sorry for that…
Another young man stated representing all the youth that he is very much thankful for the trainer that they are very blessed that they got the information on right time…before doing any sin…which will keep them from the regret and tears of repentance which they heard and saw from and in the eyes of elders.
Mrs. Pabitra Gurung said that training was really helpful and the result was more than her expectation.
We distributed 80 DVDs, leaders guide and brochures and video to 18 smart phone and memory cards. They were even sharing the files through shareIt apps too.
Overall, the TCL trip to West Nepal was really productive. I must thank Proclaim Life Global-PLG for its constant prayer and support.

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