TCL presentation in Lidya Vocational training Centre

December 11, 2017 Monday@Lidya Vocational Training centre, Baisepati: 21 young women from different parts of Nepal were made aware of the Sanctity of human life, foetal development and abortion and its complication with the presentation of DVD ‘Created to Choose Life’.
The students responded the presentation with great excitement, surprises, tears and repentance. There was a young lady who admitted that she used to think that the unborn baby of till three months can be aborted. She even suggested to her village women for abortion. But after the presentation she told that her viewpoint towards a baby of three months changed totally. She repented and accepted the truth.
There was another young lady who shared her happiness. She said that just before coming to the training she was shared by one of her aunties that she is going to abort her baby. But the lady suggested her aunt not aborting but keeping the baby. During the presentation she was confirmed what she did was absolutely right and felt very happy about that.
A lady representing all the students shared that they will be sharing the information by showing the DVD to other women in their church and communities. They were also given DVD, book and brochures as a teaching material.

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