TCL presentation in Women leadership Training-WLT conducted by NCFN

December 14, 2017 Thurday @ Women leadership Training-WLT Kumaripati: VOF Nepal presented DVD called ‘Created to Choose Life’ among the 9 women from several districts of Nepal. The presentation was very productive. Most of them wept and repented for what they did in their past. In the first phase of the presentation they were seemed very normal but in the recovery session they all became very mild and calm and started crying. Most of them were touched by abortion directly and indirectly.
An aged woman shared her bitterness of losing her grand child of 6 months by spontaneous abortion. We prayed her for inner healing.
There was another young married woman who cried very uncontrollably and vociferously. She had to be controlled and comforted by someone. According to her, she realized what she did with her baby but she felt great relief after crying and repenting.
They all were very excited to share the information with other women in their church and communities by showing the DVD received from us after the class.

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