December 27-29, 2017 @Dhangadi Far-west Nepal; the journey of Life-giver training- 1 remained very productive among the 104 Gospel leaders from the 67 different churches of 7 different districts of Far-west Nepal. Actually, we were really worried for the presence of participant because the secretaries of Christian society were extremely busy in Christmas preparation and programs, they were not able to inform and invite the pastor and leaders. Another side, it was seemed very impossible for the Pastor and leaders to travel soon after the Christmas program but God worked just opposite of our thinking and we couldn’t stop the 104 participants from joining the training. It was very hard to manage the huge groups but God helped us to work very creatively. There were 4 lead trainers, 4 observers from last two JOL training and 2 volunteers in our team. We all worked hard to handle the huge group and everything went well, the result was beyond of our expectation. The participants were very active and interactive from the beginning of session, they were very quick to respond and reply the question. From the first day itself, the participants were really able to get into the topic and the trainers were also very comfortable in teaching and dialogue.
Ps. Tara Magar one of the participants of JOL training in Dang shared his story how God spoke to him in the training and started his journey as a life-giver. He is very potential teacher and interested to join our national team.
God was really speaking to each participant and most of the participants were responding the teaching with tears. A Pastor said “I normally don’t cry and shed my tears but today I am very compelled to cry…I couldn’t stop my tears… knowing the meaning and value of a human life and violation against the human life.” The group presentation regarding the six spiritual foundation were really great and corresponding the life-giving message.
The group discussion regarding Biblical sexuality was very open and meaningful in both male and female groups. The presentation of human reproduction and abortion procedures-after abortion went really well. Many of the participants were surprised after knowing and viewing the amazing fact of life in a womb and some of them were very emotional after viewing the harsh truth of abortion. “A Pastor shared his emotional happiness and he said showing the photo of his son of 16 “While watching the presentation on life in a womb and abortion I remembered my son who was told by doctor that he is going to born handicapped but I stood for him…fought with my entire family members…trusted God and finally he born normal…today he is the reason of happiness for all of us…and I am very happy and felt proud after knowing the truth that God saved me from being regretted.” But there were some participants who were failed to stand for the life of their baby. So they were prayed for their healing and restoration.
In the session ‘Call to respond’ Ps. Rajendra Khatri one of the participants of JOL training happened in 2015 shared his story how he saved a baby after counselling a woman met on the way to abortion clinic and Ps. Purna Bardewa who is also one of the participants of JOL training in Birendranagar shared his experience how God spoke to him in the training to stand and speak for life at risk and he got an opportunity to speak and stand for a life at risk. Now the abortion minded woman changed her mind and ready to give birth her baby. The stories really encouraged the participants to respond God’s calling in their up-coming days. Specially, it was good to see that the participants made their action plan as a New Year resolution.

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