February 11, 2018 Sunday @Chiyangli Gorkha: The Therefore Choose Life-TCL presentation went very blessed among 120+ Pastor, male-female believers from 7 different churches. In ‘wonderfully and uniquely created-WUC’ session participants were very excited on learning about the significance of Sacredness of a human life and the development of a life in a mother’s womb. But in next session ‘Therefore Choose Life-TCL’ all of them were much moved and expressive… most of them were crying. A senior Pastor named Ps. Sher Bahadur Tamang admitted saying “Today, I felt that I yet to learn more and yet to teach my congregation more…” He also added “I am thinking and planning to have this training in a big mass…inviting other more churches in Gorkha…”
We provided a copy of DVD, book and brochures to seven churches and electronic copy of DVD to some cell phone and pen drives.

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