February 19, 2018 Monday @ Kankatti, Kanchanpur: Another TCL presentation remained very productive among 100+ youth, woman and Church leaders from 10 churches. In the morning WUC session the participants responded the presentation with great excitement as they became able to know their real identity and dignity in God and their miraculous formation in a mother’s womb. “Every word and image touched my heart… I was totally not able to control my tears… I am realized, convinced and motivated to speak and stand for life…” One of the participants shared in lunch break. The afternoon TCL session also remained very powerful. Many women and young people repented from their past wrong decision. They were also informed about the pathway to sexual purity because there were many youth participants. Finally, 10 life bags with DVD, book and brochures were given to each church leaders and electronic copy DVD to some cell phone and pen drives.

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