February 26, 2018 Monday @ Jumla: We got to Jumla the land of apple after a long ride of 237 km from Surkhet. Ps. Purna was very incredible in riding his motor bike without any complaining. More than that, God was very gracious to us in every moment of our journey. It was raining and snowing when we got to enter Jumla. It was too cold. We couldn’t feel our fingers and toes…but God provided a good hotel with warm blanket.
Next day, the weather condition was very excellent. The training started with little bit disturbance but later we managed and handled the situation. We all rebuked the spirit of disturbance and discouragement. There is no stable electricity. So we hired a generator to operate our projector and computer. We received 40 + Pastor and leaders from the 10 different churches of Jumla. According to the number of church and believers in Jumla the number of participants was great. We started the presentation after a spirit filled worship and prayer. We also did a short oral survey and study before starting our DVD presentation. Almost all the leaders were unknown and unsure about the Biblical perspective regarding a human life and abortion.
In the ‘wonderfully and uniquely created-WUC’ session we even discussed about the ‘Gen. 1:27’ and the Sanctity of human life then we presented the first part of DVD. The presentation made them really clear regarding the sanctity of human life. After the WUC presentation we again discussed about the example of violation against the human life, i.e., Abortion, then we presented the second part of DVD ‘Therefore Choose life-TCL’ . The second presentation changed their perception concerning abortion and made them to realize about their direct and indirect involvement in abortion.
A pastor couple confessed their involvement in the sin of abortion publicly. According to them they used many herbal and several domestic methods to abort their daughter but God saved her… later their daughter became the reason to come to the Pastoral ministry. Today, she has become a great blessing for their tribe called ‘Khas’ as she has been involved in the translation of Bible in their own language. The Pastor told “The training really helped me to realize my sin and understand His plan for my life.”
Another female leader also confessed about her involvement in abortion saying “I am a leader in my Church as well as a community leader in my village. Several times, I suggested women in problem to abort their unwanted child and sometimes female child as well… I never felt guilty doing that but today I am totally broken and ashamed…the training helped me to realize my hidden sin. I cried a lot and repented during the recovery session… I believed I am forgiven but still I want to pray and want to help the women to choose life here after…”
At the end of the training, we gave life bags to ten churches, a pen drive to a YWAMer who runs DTS in Jumla and electronic copy of DVD to several cell phones.

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