How does VOF start?

Years ago God called a young man of seventeen. This young man determined and went to complete his theological studies in South India. Even though this man engaged in various ministries in Nepal on completion of his theological studies, his heart was restless for something unknown. He tried to get enthusiastically engaged in various ministries but deep down in his heart there was another hunger.  He went into a time of disciplined prayer and meditation to hear from God – to hear from God the real reason for the distress of his mind. God soon brought an answer to his struggles in a strange manner. In a Christian gathering during group discussion some interested people were enthusiastically identifying social issues.  There during discussions this young man heard something about abortion. He knew the word abortion but not its full implications. Grave convictions gripped his mind, heart and imagination. A topic that was of no great interest to him just a few minutes back suddenly became a serious, burning challenge for life – his own life and the life of the unborn millions!  Was that a voice and touch of God for those dear precious lives that were being slaughtered for no crime of their own?

Yes it was at the moment and those important few days God confirmed in his inner mind and spirit that he must fight for the right to live and the right to an opportunity to know the love of God for the unborn precious creation of God. He has faithfully confirmed this call again and again as he sees mothers and even fathers realizing and respecting something as priceless what they thought was unwanted, worthless and dispensable. Every life saved also means every hand cleans of the blood of a precious life.

Challenges in starting:

He faced some real challenges to start the work. One was to convince the leaders of the churches that this was an urgent call from the Word of God itself, because as a neglected issue this vital subject of life and death was like junk in the backyard. He knew that GOD Himself is interested to speak to His people. So, he moved forward in faith and trust in God. Ultimately, He was able to bring together a group of interested church leaders and with their consent and blessing he registered the first Pro-life organization with the Nepalese Government. They named it Voice of Fetus (VOF), Nepal.  How good is the God we adore and serve!