TCL presentation in Jugeda Dhangadi Kailali

November 27, 2017 Monday, Jugeda Dhangadi Kailali: Ps. Sabhapati Rana told me that the Jugeda is familiar for Rana Tharu ethnic community where women are superior to men. Most of the important decisions are made by women in Rana Tharu community even the decision of abortion. So, the TCL was designed to address the issue of abortion among them.
According to the plan TCL presentation went very well among the 75 Pastor, leader and woman and youth from 17 different Churches of Rana Tharu community.
There was couple came from the Nepal-India border who were responding the presentation with tears. At the end of the presentation the woman dared to share her tragic story of lost of her baby of eight months. According to her that they had been living a total traumatized life but the presentation comforted them and helped them to be healed. Both of them cried a lot holding my hand and said big ‘Thank you’ to me.
One of the pastors has been working among the Rana Tharu admitted that he never ever heard or learned in his entire life and ministry about the topic.
After watching the DVD presentation and hearing the feedback from the people many Rana Tharu leaders, women and youth also responded the teaching with tears. Many of them repented and got healed.
We distributed 50 DVDs, book and brochures and shared video in Hindi and Nepali to 7 smart phones.

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